Get your feet wet, and your fishing rods ready..

You will find yourself immersed with the great amount of activities and services we offer, From exploring the Natural Wonders to Fishing and ending the day at one of our well known Dinners.

Port Nolloth Town

Interest Points

  • Port Nolloth Museum
  • Regular Provision Stores
  • Die Ou Skuur (Gifts & Curio Shop)


  • Aukwatowa Tours
    Visit the Website for endless possibilities of packages.
  • Brand Karos
    …is part of the Alexcor Development. It is a small community on the south bank of the Orange River near the river mouth. Alexander Bay has developed into a tourist destination for all to enjoy
  • Namaqua Coastal Expeditions
    Experience the Namaqualand Coast like never before.

Activities and Attractions

  • Cray Fishing (book before-hand)
    Please purchase a permit from the Post-office or buy from dealers whom has the correct permits for re-sale. Take note buying from individuals from the street is illegal, and local authorities does not take illegal crayfishing lightly
  • Birding
  • Richterveld National Park
  • National Geographic
  • Succulent Karoo
  • Various kind of Water sports
  • Oranjemund can be visited without Permits, only Passports required
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